Born 1977, northerner by birth and by heart. In love with the lights of my birthplace, especially during autumn and winter.

Many paths led me to the day I got into photography. Many stories to tell, almost since childhood. Telling stories, witnessing an inner world –fantasies all the way. Just took years to find the proper medium.

Can one ever reach a point of esthetic and ethical satisfaction ? It seems not very different from an ever-recessing horizon. But still there’s a set of few notions that influence my works… at least the way I see it.

The many varieties of light you meet on your way. Not a specific kind of light. Just trying to be conscious of opportunities to express yourself. Acting as if I were. Becoming aware of the fit between yourself in the moment and the lighting conditions.

What is inside and outside the frame. Any photograph, and for sure those to be found here, should exclude as much as include. What you see is not all of what you get. Some parts of the surroundings, some parts of the stories remain outside your reach forever. Which lets you include your own. I try to cut the frame with purpose.

Trusting your impulse and taking photographs when you feel so. Censoring your self, believing your rational thoughts is a sure means to miss something essential. Call it your inner voice or whatever, but be attentive to its peculiar tone and the world-view that goes along. While I photograph, I wander most of the time. Wandering is a will to open yourself to what comes to you. Reflecting on your place in this mess. Let go of a focused mind.

Could one make this (too) long story short ? In five words : I photograph what I see. It may sound very simple, even silly. Yet I’m convinced it’s a clean shortcut that embrace plainly my only statement. And the more I go, the more I try to become simple. Please keep it in mind while exploring my humble tries.

(2015, september)

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